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Success Stories

Have you ever thought:
"How Do Those Kids Get on TV?"
"I could do that!"

Would you like to be as good as them?
Do you love to act, model and sing?
Well - if you qualify - we will help you get there!
We make connections for our students every day!
Just check our success stories ;)

Marcel Leach

*Lost in City( Summer 2012)
*Nick & Jules
*For The Love Of Money( 6 episodes)

Sophia Torres



Jarrel Cudjoe

Booked a Little Ceasars Pizza commercial set to air on ESPN.

Adeleen Mur

Adeleen is now signed with Parkside Talent Management
and has already booked 2 Toys R' Us campaigns.

Ivanna Agredo

Ivanna just made the cover of Canadian Child Magazine. She is signed
with BMG Model and Talent.

Alestair Shu

Has booked commercials for JCPenny and Verizon.
Print ads for Toys R' Us and Wells Fargo.
He is signed with Abrams Artist Agency.

Eldin Feratovic

Booked a spot on Comedy Central's The Onion
News and the Off Broadway show Swimming Pool.
As well as featured in the film "When An Angel Falls".

Elvin Feratovic

Booked an NBA Public Service Announcement.
A voiceover for Mile End Films and featured in the film "Flirting not Hurting".

Catherine Chan

Catherine is filming the action thriller with Jason Statham "SAFE", she booked
a lead role for this film.

Ehad Berisha

Ehad Berisha student and iPOP! alumni of LA 2008 co starred in an episode of The Good Wife "Boom".

Alex and Phillipe Hausmann

Alex and Phillipe Hausmann are starring alongside John Cusack in the
Hollywood Blockbuster 2012 !

Antonio Yizar

Antonio Yizar was casted in 8 Minute Madness Production play called "Snowflake" off Brodway through Chelsea Talent Agency. As Snowflake # 4.

David Ly

Currently signed with Ingrid French Management and Abrams Artist.
David recently appeared in a HALLS REFRESH Commercial and a DIESEL Online Commercial (Diesel Channel V Campaign).
Also a print shoot with Covenant House.

Daniel Yelsky

Booked roles on:

Life on Mars: ABC
Rescue Me: FX
Law&Order SVU: NBC
Wired City: TV Pilot.

Signed with Abrams Artists.

Caroline Watters

Caroline Watters just booked a role in the pilot "Wiley's World" for PBS.

Alexander Romans

Congragulations to Alexander Romans for booking
a featured role in the upcoming show "Michael and Michael Have Issues" for Comedy Central

Jhakayra Perez

Recently booked a national Dr. Pepper print ad.

Melanie Ginel


Melanie has shot a PSA for a Drug-Free America, a feature film titled "The Grasslands", an episode of NBCs hit comedy 30 Rock and two episodes of The Naked Brother's Band!!!

Emerald Angel Young

No stopping in sight for Emerald. She has already shot several print ads, including one for Kmart, Essence Magazine and Benetton as well as several voiceovers, a Campbells Soup commercial, a PSA on ADHD, a Build-A-Bear and a Six Flags Great Adventure commercial. She also filmed an episode of the Naked Brother's Band.

Keep it up Emerald!!!

Edward Gelbinovich

Congratulations to Edward who just finished shooting a nationally broadcast commercial for Old Spice. And if that wasnt enough, Edward is filming a movie titled "Harold" with Oscar award-winner Cuba Gooding Jr.!!!

Christopher Navarro

Congratulations to our student Christopher Navarro for booking a GUEST LEAD on an upcoming episode of NBC's Law and Order!!

Bria Emmanuel
Bria has signed with J Mitchell Management and landed an appearance on Law & Order. She has booked several nationally broadcasted commercials and print work, including a print ad for Gardasil. She also appeared on two episodes of As the World Turns, as well as doing a voice over for MASTERCARD.

Shiv Babani
Congrats to Shiv, who has received call backs from LA casting director Julie Wolff, Abrams Artists Agency, CESD and J. Mitchell Management, whom he signed a 3-year contract. Shiv landed a great part on ABC’s hit comedy Hope & Faith where he played the character of Hassan Jr. He has also booked a Ring Pops commercial.

Stephanie Mauro
Hats off to Stephanie who was featured on two episodes of Law & Order!!! Stephanie also did a HUGE commercial print job for McGraw Hill, a print ad for Celebrex, as well as landing a role in the Disney movie, Enchanted, starring Patrick Dempsey.

Emmanuel Lyons
Emmanuel is currently free-lancing with Goldstar Management and Ingrid French. He has received three call backs for national commercials, has auditioned for Time Warner Cable, Olive Garden and Target commercials. He has done a Nickelodeon voice over, a Bollywood movie, booked a McCormick Spice commercial and a regional commercial for Tofutti Cuties. He was also on TRL interviewing the Wayans Brothers (Shawn and Marlan), who were promoting their movie Little Man.

Anubhav Jain
Anubhav has done print ads for Disney as well as a non-union short film.

Nimisha Jain
Nimisha has booked a Sex in the City commercial and has done voice overs for Dora the Explorer.

JT White
JT has been unstoppable from the very beginning. He has signed with Ingrid French Management, Funny Face and AL Models. Since signing, JT has booked several commercials and has been featured on many television series. To name just a few, JT has shot on air promotions for MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, Nickelodean’s Let’s Just Play and After School Sports, Comedy Central’s Friday Night Stand Up and has been featured on the following television series: Law & Order SVU, As The World Turns, two Saturday Night Live episodes and a movie stand-in role for The Good Shephard, starring Robert Deniro and Matt Damon. He has also landed a ton of print work including ads for Ralph Lauren, Kmart, Lands End, Quiksilver, Sears and Marshall Fields. Keep it up JT!!!

Joshua Scarlett
Joshua has signed with Catalyst Management and Abrams Artists (NY). He recently booked a nationally broadcast PSA for cancer that was sponsored by Ralph Lauren.

John Anthony Cruz
John Anthony has signed with Catalyst Management and Abrams Artists (NY). He has landed a nationally broadcast commercial for Publix Supermarket as well as a Toys ‘R’ Us print ad.

Brian Gilbert
Brian signed with Michael Amato and booked a great part on HBO’s hit series The Sopranos.

Be sure to catch Brian in this Holiday Season's feature film "Perfect Holiday" starring Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard!!!

Judy Kwon
Judy has signed with Catalyst Management and Abrams Artists (NY). She has landed a nationally broadcast KMART commercial, a PSA and two print ads for a pharmaceutical company. She also did a voiceover for an Olympics commercial as well as a Toys r’ Us print ad.

Kelsey Fowler
Kelsey is our most recent Broadway star. She signed with Abrams Artists (NY) where she booked the part of “Lee Bouvier” on the Broadway hit Grey Gardens playing at the Walter Kerr Theater.

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