A letter from a parent to JRP Atlanta Director

Hi Mr. Sievers, How are you recooperating from the exciting rehearsals for the big SHOWCASE Palm Beach style. So thankful for your tenacious dedication. I am sure we will make you very proud!!!! Thiis is going to be the best class you have ever seen from the beautiful South! Let's shine like FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!

It was a very rewarding experience to get the chance to work with someone as professional as your company. CJ has aspired to be an actor since he was 4 years old. You have put that shine of brightness back in to his eyes. You have touched his creative energy to continue his dream of becoming the next Denzel Washington!!

CJ lost his spirit of life when, he lost his father a few years ago. You have given him hope and rekindled the his creative side his father fostered inside of him. I can never thank you enough. You were a God sent. We love you and will never forget what your company has done for our lives. Thank you for giving my son hope and redefining his faith in himself

God Bless You Powers Family


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