Local sisters invited to prestigious iPOP

Brianna Hill                      Kalla Hill

Brianna and Kalla Hill are both students at Hillcrest Elementary, they seem like normal nine and ten year olds. But the girls are about to embark on an adventure most kids can’t imagine.

The Hill sisters are also students at the John Robert Powers School System, a program that has been around for more than 80 years that helps to shape actors, models and singers of any age. The JRP School System has produced talent like Devon Conti, who played Angelina Jolie’s son in the Changeling and Aaron Kelly, a current contestant on American Idol. The adult program has had attendees like Lucille Ball, Jackie Kennedy and Cary Grant.

Both sisters are in the acting program, Brianna has been involved for nine months and Kalla has been studying acting for one year.

“I have watched with pride how each girl has grown individually in that their self esteem, reading skills, confidence and respect for others has improved.” Said Jim Hill, the girls’ father.

The Hill sisters will be attending the Bi-annual iPOP (International Presentation of Performers). This years’ event will be held at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, July 6-9.

Twice a year 5000 students from across the nation are invited to perform and audition at iPOP. Fifty students from the Seattle JRP were accepted to this years event, including Brianna and Kalla.

For the next three months the Hill sisters will study extensively, train with professional coaches and meet with industry professionals to prepare for iPOP.

The Hill family is currently looking for donations to help with the costs of sending the girls to iPOP. Later this month there will be a raffle auction taking place, so keep an eye out for Brianna and Kalla selling raffle tickets in your neighborhood. If you would like to donate please contact the girls’ father Chris Hill at 425-280-2005. Any donation over $100 is a potential tax deduction, also sponsors that donate over that will have their names printed in the official iPOP program book.

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